About Chelsey Stallings

“Hello! Welcome to Lemonade Brain. I am Lemonade Brain Girl, the Author of this sweetly crafted blog.

Just a bit about me – I’m a Mother of three, the luckiest wife in the world, a trained cosmetologist, a singer/songwriter who likes to jump on as many flights to Nashville as I can, a runner and health nut, horse enthusiast and trainer, and have been known to occasionally dress as a princess to surprise young children at our local children hospital.

A few words that have been used to describe me are: Driven, enthusiastic, and a very small person with an everest sized disposition.

I love life and want to live it to the fullest… however I don’t want just one interest to fill up to much of my precious time… I want to do it all and love what I do. For this reason, I’ve spent much of my life trying to come up with ways to keep my hands in every pot I love so much… even leaving me some time to shine the pots I don’t necessarily love but must be scrubbed (the porcelain pot we know all too well.)

Lemonade Brain is dedicated to bringing those simple ways to you, hopefully helping your life become a little sweeter.

In this blog, I’ve included 4 sections.

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Fitness Made Simple
  3. Home and Family
  4. Easy Life Hacks

My posts will fall under one of these 4 categories and I hope you find them useful.

Now, I just want to be clear, my focus here is on happiness and health… not necessarily focusing on “Losing weight,” or “Looking a certain way.” If those are some of your goals, then I think that is great and I hope this helps. Of course, we all want to look our best, but I believe true happiness comes when we “feel” our best. I firmly believe that every body, no matter it’s shape, size, weight, color, gender, etc… is BEAUTIFUL. Lemonade Brain is about trying to become your best YOU! Do I believe in having a healthy body? YES. Do I believe in self care, hygiene and happiness? YES.

This is because I believe that a BODY, the body you have right now, is a precious gift! I believe LIFE, the life you have right now, is a precious gift! Because of these reasons, I believe in trying to find ways to LOVE our bodies, and LOVE our life! After all, who doesn’t love a precious gift.

Please enjoy your time here on Lemonade Brain.