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A Happy Home

We all want that “perfectly posh everything in it’s place,” home and family life that we see plastered all over Pinterest, but alas, some days it seems impossible.
Well here at Lemonade Brain, we believe in making the impossible more possible. The “Home and Family,” page is dedicated to sweetening home and family life in as few steps as possible. After all… everybody loves a rambler. Ba da da ching? Did anyone else get that? Just me? Alrightly then… let’s get down to it then.

From the Home & Family Blog

Elevate your Home and Family life, making it a “a piece of lemon cake.”

Affirmations for overcoming trails

Affirmations for overcoming trails First, I was to apologize for not posting lately. We are in the process of moving across the country and life is, well, insane

It’s about Discipline

It's not about motivation.... it's about discipline! Imagine with me for a moment. It's tomorrow morning and the sun is peaking through the blinds like a nosy neighbor.

live a life that is worth it

How do we live a life that is worth it? What is a worth it life?  Is a a perfect life? I don't think so, because the perfect

Monday Affirmations: 5 second rule

Monday Affirmations Have any of you ever counted your kids down? Like, “You have five seconds to stop destroying your Brother’s Lego tower,” or “You have ten seconds

Affirmations for Women

Affirmations for Women! This week we celebrated Women and how incredible, amazing, strong and courageous women are! I'm sure you've seen the infamous Nike Commercial everyone is raving