Hey guys, if you’re like me, you are suddenly finding yourself stepping into the role of teacher. 

Because of this new Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak and the social distancing and quarantines, you’re probably, like us, home inside your home 95% of the time just trying to figure out how in the world you’re going to keep up on your kids schooling, keep the little jumping beans entertained and how to spare yourself from hearing “I’m bored” thousands of times! 

In our house, when my kids even utter the words “I’m bored” they usually find themselves holding a broom, dust pan, a rag or a toilet brush. #cleanhouse anyone? 

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping to keep my kids somewhat on track. As for now, our schools haven’t released any kind of curriculum or program as of yet. Perhaps we will resume school as usual in a few weeks, but I wouldn’t be surprised if schools stay closed for many weeks or even until next year. 

For this reason, I’ve been compiling a list of free online resources and, because I love you guys and want to make your life easier, I’m organizing that list to give to you! Yay! 

Before we dive in, here’s a thought I’ve been having during this crisis. I mean… I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit worried about wiping my kids (and my own) keister here in the near future. 

However, if we have to have a global virus sweep into our lives, what a time to have it happen… when we have unlimited online resources, entertainment, ways to keep in touch with family and friends via the internet and more! 

In an upcoming blog post, I’m going to compile a list of ways to keep in contact with people you love! Some ideas are online story time, online talent shows or online puppet shows. 

Again, I’ll put out some ideas really soon. 

My point is, in the midst of some very horrible things going on, we have the ability to band together, love each other, slow down and help our neighbors, friends and family and become creative with how we lift others! 

So, this is one of my ways of trying to help and lift you! So, here we go! 


American Heritage School Online: 

American Heritage School is a faith based online schooling program and is offering it’s curriculum for free! You can find pretty much everything to assist with home school on their website.

All In One Homeschool: They exist to help families homeschool! They have many resources on their site and even ways to track homeschooling progress.

Ambleside Online: They have a help guide they recommend you read if you are just diving into the a new homeschooling schedule because of the Coronavirus.

CK-12: CK-12 has a bunch of online lessons, books and interactive videos. Plus, you can put them in your e-reader.

Hippo Campus: Explore over 7,000 free videos in 13 subject areas.

Freedom Homeschooling: Freedom homeschooling has all in one homeschool curriculum programs. Basically, this site has compiled a list of other sites to help aid in your homeschooling efforts. 

HOMESCHOOL YOUTUBE CHANNELS – So many universities and schools are closing, but I hear classes at University YouTube are still in session! Thank goodness for #YOUTUBE 

Here are some channels we are LOVING right now! 


Science Max: These are great science based videos for kids! WELCOME TO HOME SCIENCE CLASS KIDS! Science Max is great at explaining how things in our big old world work! Plus, it’s entraining!

Homeschool Pop: Homeschool Pop has anything from learning about all 50 states, Science videos and curriculum video’s for many ages and grades! They also have videos like “Horses for kids,” and “Dolphins for kids,” and more!

Peekaboo kids: Peekaboo kids is also a great resource for learning! They have video’s about volcano’s, floods, soil pollution and even the Coronavirus! Plus, the animation is cute and fun to watch.

Free school:

Free school also has many educational videos. They have video’s about the constitution, sharks, the solar system, states of matter, and even the 10 fastest animal runners in the world! It’s also a great learning resource! 


Art For Kids: We LOVE this channel! My daughters have been drawing the cutest things. The Dad who runs this channel is so fun, animated and explains how to draw in a clear and simple way!

Happy Drawing: This is also a fun and simple drawing channel for kids! Cute ideas and easy to follow.

5-minute crafts play: This channel has 5 minute arts and crafts ideas for kids. 

Art For Kids: We LOVE this channel! My daughters have been drawing the cutest things. The Dad who runs this channel is so fun, animated and explains how to draw in a clear and simple way!

Happy Drawing: This is also a fun and simple drawing channel for kids! Cute ideas and easy to follow.

Easy Kid Crafts: This channel has many paper craft ideas for kids and adults alike. Lots of fun, cute and even seasonal ideas.


KIDSEDUC: This channel has many math related videos with cute animation. It also has alphabet videos as well as others.

HOMESCHOOL POP: I’ve also mentioned this channel above. Not only do they have science videos, but they have an array of math videos 

MATH & LEARNING VIDOES 4 KIDS: These videos include common core, which we suddenly homeschooling parents need too! I mean, I won’t be surprised if all our kids go back to school carrying the 1. #facepalm.


STORYTIME AT AWNIES HOUSE: lots of cute kids books read aloud.

STORYLINE ONLINE: Also lots of fun books read online. Cute animation.

PRESCHOOL PREP COMPANY: They have more than just reading. They go over site words, letters, numbers and more.


Kids Workout 1 Beginners by Moe Jones:

25 minute kids Workout by Slotjaw:

Yoga For Kids With Alissa Kepas:

The Family Fun Cadio Workout by Popsugar:

Easy Zumba for kids by Zumba with Dovydas:

Animal Exercise for kids by Luna Lotus Tarot:

Yoga Time On The Farm by Cosmic Kids Yoga:

Frozen Yoga by Cosmic Kids Yoga:

Alright guys, I hope this list of homeschooling ideas, videos and curriculums aids in making your life with the littles (and some bigs) at home a little easier and sweeter for you! If you have suggestions for posts you’d like me put together, please let me know!