Tell me… what dreams do you have?

Doubt. It’s a struggle. Doubt touches all of us. Some more than others.

I’m going to be real with y’all. Doubt has been my nemesis… my “kryptonite” if you will.

Doubt has kept me from grabbing the keys to the future one too many times because I’ve been afraid of crashing and burning on an unknown road.

It’s also had me feeling worthless, hopeless, and fearful. Doubt has kept me from dreaming and it’s kept me from praying. Sometimes it has me thinking that God, my creator and Father in Heaven, doesn’t care what happens to me or… worse, that I’m important to him.

I’ve hated my doubts most of my life, until one day, I heard someone say something that changed my life.

They said “God would never make you doubt yourself… but the Devil will. He uses doubt freely to keep us from reaching our potential. It’s his favorite tool because it doesn’t take much to change completely change our life. So when you doubt, it’s probably because you’re really close to doing something really amazing.”

Profound right? Of course doubt turns into the waterfall when we are close to reaching some part of our potential. The Devil doesn’t want that for us… but God does.

Now, I’m grateful for my doubts. Crazy right?!?  Because, when they start to creep in, attempting to hold me hostage, I know I need to keep pushing through. I know I’m close to becoming a little more of who I am.

About 7 months ago, I uprooted my family and moved them to Nashville. I’ve dreamed for years of becoming a pro songwriter and, more than that, I’ve worked my GUTS out to become one. I’ve worked, learned, trashed songs and started over, gone out on my own and met people and built relationships. I keep grinding and I’ve made so much progress! Often, I’m astonished when I look back and realize how far I’ve come.

Do I have a long way to go? You bet! Do I doubt myself daily. Oh my gosh, yes!!!! I’ve even written a song about it…

“It’s spreads like a poison,

Stronger than a drug

A single drop can take the life we’ve all be dreaming of…”

These are just some of the lyrics.

A single drop of doubt can go a long way!

It’s hard to not doubt when I’ve got so many people telling me that it may never happen for me, family included. And it is heartbreaking at times, but also not. It’s scary… I get it! And yes, it would be wonderful to have my people believe in me instead of doubting my potential… but those are their fears, not mine. Those are their doubts… not mine, and do you know what? They are not your either!

If you have something you KNOW you are meant to do, don’t let that dreaded doubt hold you back! It means you’re on the right track!

Now, I’m not saying “don’t doubt.” Of course we all doubt… we are human after all, duh!

But don’t let that doubt stop you! That’s all I’m saying you beautiful human!

You’ve got this… whatever it is, and so do I! Plus, if you need someone to stand in your corner and believe in you, I’ve got you darlin’… I’ve got you!

So again, tell me… what dreams do you have? Cause you can bet I’ll support you!