Doubt is the Devil’s favorite tool… don’t let him use it on you!

I’ll be honest, last week wasn’t one of my best weeks. Long story short, I had two opportunities starring me in the face and these were opportunities I’ve been hoping, praying, preparing, planning and working hard for.

I thought they were pretty much a done deal and, even though I was a little nervous, more than that I was EXCITED! Finally, after years of hard work and putting my tears, sweat, heart and soul into these goals, I was going to be taking a huge step forward with BOTH of them!

The sun was shining brighter than ever and for the first time in a long time I was beginning to feel like myself again.

Then, after months preparing to carry out these new exciting opportunities, I received two phone calls. Both were heartbreaking.

Now, are these opportunities off the table? No, not exactly. They just aren’t happening right now, which, some days, pretty much feels like the story of life, doesn’t it?

Needless to say, my heart aches. I don’t think I’ve cried that hard in years and, you know when your heart hurts so much it physically HURTS on the inside. Yea, that has been me this week.

Now, before we go further, I want to say that this post is NOT at all a “please feel sorry for me,” post. Quite the contrary, because that is the LAST thing I want you or anyone to feel.

You see, as I’ve been struggling this week an old familiar feeling crept into my heart. It’s a feeling I’ve had many times and it doesn’t take much to completely shatter your world and everything around it.


Doubt crept in and starting taking hold.

I found myself not wanting to write songs, enjoy time with my family or enjoy my animals. Smiling had to be forced and the unnaturally sunny winter days were feeling gray.

I found “fear” sleeping beside me and “lonely” holding my hand.

And I found that I didn’t want to pray.

Then, I realized something I’ve known for a long time but, yet again, I was falling for it.

Doubt is the Devil’s favorite tool and every almost every struggle we face begins with doubt. Because of this, I want to try to stifle that doubt as much as I can!

You see, he only needs us to take a drop and our world begins to shatter. Doubt is the brother of fear and the beginning of giving up. Doubt is the worst kind of poison as it moves slowly and doesn’t ever really let go. However, it’s when we let it engulf us and take over that what we could be turns into what might have been. This is where regret enters in and tears us apart even more.

Yes, sometimes life throws it’s bare fisted punches and forces us to fall back, But does it mean we should doubt? NO WAY!

Now, I cannot say I’m done doubting, as I’m human and I’m sure that nasty old friend will come calling again. But I’ll sure try to combat it.

Can you imagine what YOU could do without doubt? I mean, the sky is really the limit, right?

We can build cities and empires and organizations for good. If we don’t doubt, we can change the world and lift millions of hearts. We can BELIEVE in our potential and dream our biggest dreams without reservation!

As next year approaches, my goal is going to be to NOT DOUBT!

Yes, it’s a hard goal and no, it won’t be easy, but by golly, you can bet it will be worth it!

Will you join me in combatting doubt? Let’s see what we can accomplish together! I bet this next year is going to be AMAZING, if we can do it! And you bet we can do it!

Don’t forget that DOUBT IS THE DEVILS FAVORITE TOOL… don’t let him use it ON YOU!