Affirmations for kids are wonderful and powerful!

We all know, I love affirmations! I use them daily and, hello, I’ve been creating new ones left and right for you!

But what about using them for my kids? Well, a few months ago, I decided to try a little experiment.

Firstly, let’s talk about my son. Last year he struggled in school. He was having a hard time focusing and was quickly approaching a downward spiral and I felt I was loosing as a parent. Anyone else every feel like this? Yea, I thought maybe you have.

Well, I use positive affirmations in my life daily and I’ve seen tremendous results, so I thought, why not use them on him.

Every day I would take every opportunity to tell him how wonderful, kind, smart, talents and brave he was. I would hug him and tell him how proud I am of him.

Almost immediately, I saw a change in his demeanor. Now, fast forward a year and he’s excelling at school. Sure, he’s a little behind in some subjects for reasons out of his control (more on that another time,) but he’s happy, he’s progressing, he has great friends and he comes home happy almost every single day.

Now, secondly, let’s talk about my daughter. Even though she is very young, she suffers from crippling anxiety. She wakes us up almost every night with night tremors or during her sleep walking escapades. Everything new scares her to the point of rage.

So, every night, I’ve been taking the time to tell her that she’s safe, calm, sweet, kind, talented, wonderful and special!

And do you know what? it’s helping! I’ve seen her take a step back and breathe when she’s stressed or anxious. True, we still have a long way to go, but I know that If I can stay on the right track and continent to “tell her” that she already is what I want her to become, I know we can overcome this.

In another blog, I talked more about this. You can read it HERE!

Words are so powerful. I’ve seen their power many times in my life! So why not use them with care, love and to build our little people up instead of rip them apart?

Below, I’ve created lists of affirmations that you can download for FREE and read to your kids. You can find the link for the FREE download right below the list!

Please feel free to use as you like and let me know how it’s going? Do you see a difference in you Childs life?


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