Anxiety Affirmations have been used extensively at our house and using them has been a huge success.

Okay, let be real for a moment, I have anxiety and some days it’s so bad I feel like a rhino is sitting on my chest. My shoulders will start to ache and my neck become so tight it effects my speaking and singing voice.

Anxiety is very very real and it’s not something to mess around with. First and foremost, if you are struggling with anxiety, make sure you reach out to a medical professional and get help. Just like cancer or a broken leg, anxiety and depression are nothing to be ashamed of.

After all, we are humans with human bodies and these bodies are subject to struggles. Struggles are not an embarrassment, they are just part of the experience.

Also, my daughter has intense anxiety. She wakes us up often with night terrors, nightmares and while sleep walking. Any new experience almost cripples and she often throws angry tantrums because she’s afraid.

Using affirmations with her have helped her A TON. I’ll also include a list of affirmations that I use for my kids!

Affirmations are easy to use, you simply say them to yourself or out loud and really try to believe that they are true. You can’t over use affirmations so recite them to yourself or your children as often as you like.

To make it easy for you, I’ve created some easy to follow and use lists that you are free to download and yes, he downloads are FREE, just for you. After all, I know what dealing with Anxiety is like and, if I can help you in even the smallest way, I’d be thrilled.

Here’s to a sweeter life and a more positive mindset! Here’s to creating a lemonade brain. Wink!


Affirmations for Anxiety FREE DOWNLOAD


Anxiety Affirmations FREE DOWNLOAD