Affirmations are a great way to have a better day! Hey, I’m a poet and I didn’t know it. Okay, I guess I do know it because I am a songwriter, to technically I am a poet. But enough about me, this post is about you!

Affirmations have been life changing for me. From overcoming a postpartum depression to lifting my spirits when I wake up feeling overwhelmed, Affirmations have been one of the greatest tools I’ve discovered.

To help you, I create lists of my favorite tried and true affirmations. No joke, when I wake up and recite a few of these lists to myself, really feeling that they are the truth, my day goes so much better! Plus, I’ve seen some crazy leaps happen in my career ever since I started using them.

As long as you need them, I’ll keep creating lists. My goal is to put out a list a day! Also, if you have input or suggestions on lists of Affirmations you’d like to see, please let me know! I’d be happy to do the work for you!

Below most of my lists you’ll find a FREE downloadable version of the list. Feel free to use these as you wish!

Here’s to creating a sweeter life and a positive mind set!

Thank you for stopping by lemonade brain, where we focus on helping you create a better life!


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