Affirmations for overcoming trails

First, I was to apologize for not posting lately. We are in the process of moving across the country and life is, well, insane to say the least. Plus, where we are staying hasn’t had WiFi, so posting has been a trial.

Which brings me to this post! For the last few weeks, I’ve been listening to a book (I don’t have time to read anymore, so audiobooks are a MUST.)

This book has really helped me shift my perspective. It’s called, “The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck.” Um, Ahem… yes it has “that” word in the title.

Disclaimer: This book “swears like a sailor,” so to speak… I or guess the Author does. Man, if a book starts cursing at me, I definitely need to assess my mental status… which I should probably do anyway.

But I digress. Yes, this book curses, but it has so many helpful life tips. It’s also helped me as I’ve come up with more affirmations to start my day with.

In the book, it talks about changing your perspective on what you give a “crap” about. Also, it talks about our trials, how we view them and how, if we change our perspective, they don’t have to be “bad.”

Trials can be seen as an opportunity because our emotions are simply messengers. They are gifts to let us know “Hey, you care about this,” or “Hey, this doesn’t mean as much to you.”

So while we’ve been in the process of moving our entire family across the country…including horses, I like to take a step back and observe my emotions and my trials, instead of letting them weigh me down.

Bottom line, I recommend this book highly. I feel like a giant weight has lifted off my shoulders after reading it. It’s a weight I choose to carry. Funny how, as we trek on through life, we decide which rocks to pick up and how long to carry them.

Anyway, here is a link for the book.

And here’s a list of affirmations for overcoming trials to help you every day as you take on your trials like a BEAST and try to view your life through rosier colored glasses!

I’ve missed you guys! And I’ll be posting weekly again! Thank you for being patient with me and my human ways!