My daughters 4th birthday was approaching fast, so I asked… “what kind of party would you like to have this year.”

I was expecting her to say, “A Barbie Party,” or “A Princess Party.”

Instead I got, “I want a Magical Fairy Garden Tea Party.”


So I did what any crazy and loving Mom would do… and got on Pinterest. There were a lot of Fairy party ideas. There were a plethora of Garden Party ideas. There were even a few hundred handfuls of Tea Party ideas. But, a “Magical Fairy Garden Tea Party?” Not many.

I was determined, however, to make her Fairy Garden Tea Party (I think there’s a Magical in there somewhere,) come true.

So I tucked  my umbrella under my arm and let the brain storms rain down.

I have to say, I’m simply pleased with the result. I am not a professional, or even near professional Party Planner or Cake Decorator, but I did my best and, thank the Heavens, my best was good enough. At least, my four year old magic fairy princess was more than pleased when her birthday party time rolled around.

Because it was such a hit, I’d like to pass my successes onto you. You know, in case your daughter, grand daughter, niece, or friends child ever request a “Magical Fairy Garden Tea Party.” Phew… that’s a mouthful.


  1. A few days before the party, I made a cake. She wanted a fairy house cake. Now, I’m no “Cake Boss,” or “Duff,” so make cake is not perfect. However, it was easy.

What made it easy is the cake pan I used, which is a giant cupcake cake pan. You can find one on Amazon HERE. 

This is what mine looks like.


I simply baked the cake, froze it for a few days and then pulled it out to decorate the day of the party.

I frosted the bottom with brown frosting to look like a tree trunk.

Then I took some of the cake out from the center with a spoon and filled it with “magic pixie dust,” AKA: glittery sugar sprinkles.

Then I gave the top a crumb coating, just lightly frosting it to keep the crumbs in, and covered it with purple petals and stem to look like an upsidown flower petal.

From there, we decorated it with windows, a door, some small flowers, butterflies and multi colored jelly beans… the garden rocks.

Instead of making the fairies, I purchased them for under $2 at Walmart. Or, you can go all out TinkerBell ‘s Pixie Hollow and get THESE from Amazon. I almost bought them, but my daughter decided she wanted to do a simple “fairy,” party and not a “TinkerBell,” party.

Then it was time to decorate. Before D day… or B day, my daughter and I did what anyone would do, and took a little jaunt to the Dollar Store. We found so many great things. Moss covered rocks, butterflies, fake flowers, colorful vases, butterfly party blowers, Mirrors that we used as a “Magic Mirror,” party favor and floral designed plates and napkins, (it was spring time, right before Easter. If you’re child’s Birthday isn’t around spring time, make sure to plan ahead and stock up during the spring season.

I used tablecloths borrowed from my Daughters Grandmother – my Mother. I draped some over the tables and “puddled” others in the middle. On one of the tables, I put twinkle Christmas lights under the “puddled” tablecloths. It was such a magical touch and those softy twinkling lights really set a magical tone.


As for the Tea Party Menu? We had Peanut Butterfly and Jelly Sandwiches, (Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches in the shape of butterflies,) and Strawberry/Grape mushrooms, and Pixie Punch. For the mushrooms, I used small popsicle sticks instead of skewers so that non body accidentally stabbed themselves as they tried to partake of the tasty fungi imposter.


We also had Pixie sticks and Butterfly and “Sword,” Lolly Pops as a side sweet treat. The “Swords” were for the boys. We also provided the few boys we had at the party with Swords instead of the Fairy Wings we gave to the girls.

We also had “Sweet, Squishy snails! These were the Hit of the party and so SO easy to make. Click HERE for step by step instructions on how to make “Sweet, Squishy Snails.”

When the guests arrived, we started with our Garden Party Tea and Light Lunch. It was delightful to watch all the little dressed up girls become fairies as they chose their wings. Because I could not find wings at the Dollar Store, I purchased them online from Dollar Tree. However, it would have been less expensive to purchase them elsewhere. Plus, the ones on Amazon are much cuter. Cheaper and Cuter? SOLD. Um, is “Cuter,” even a word? I’m going with it.

If you desire, you can find Fairy Wings HERE. 

We had extra wings in case they wanted a certain color and wanted to switch out.

After lunch, we painted “fairy houses.” I found these adorable round roof houses at Walmart for less than a dollar. I then grabbed a pack of pain brushes and some glittery paint. They loved this and it kept them occupied for quite awhile.

I planned this second so that they could have enough time to dry in the sun before we sent the little Fairy Princesses on their way home.

After the houses were painted and drying, we gave them each a bubble wand and let them “blow some magic bubbles,” in the back yard while I cleaned up lunch and prepared for cake and ice cream.

We then did cake, ice cream and gifts. Cutting into the cake was the frosting on the cake, pun intended, and all the little girls had sparkles in their eyes as the “magic Fairy Dust,” fell out, adding to every bite. True, they left my house all “sugared up,” but what’s life without a few of those “overly intoxicated with sugar” moments.

The entire magical affair lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes, which I thought was just perfect.

The best part is that my daughter was completely thrilled with every little moment and all of her four year old Fairy Garden Tea Party dreams came true. Oh, oh… I think I have a hand cramp from typing that.

One second…

One second… there. Ok. I’m ok!

All of these simple little things added up to create a very sweet moment for her. SUCCESS.

I simply hope these tips help you as you prepare your Magical Fairy Garden Tea Party… Or maybe just simply a Fairy Party. Either way, I wish only a sweet life upon you.