It’s Monday Motivation again! Man, do these Monday’s come quickly or what?

Today’s Monday Motivation is brought to you by my sweet three year old nephew and his wisdom beyond his years.

Last weekend, I was having a conversation with my Brother and relaying a story to him. While I was quoting a person in my story, I said the word “Hate.”

Suddenly, my three year old nephew leaned over to his Dad and whispered, “Dad, we don’t say Hate.”

I heard him and though to myself, “Who said hate.” Then, It dawned on me… I did and I didn’t even realize.

See, here’s the thing with words and how often we use them. Sometimes, certain words become so common place to us that we don’t even realize we say them and/or the true meaning of the word.

To my sweet little nephew, thank you for the reminder. He’s absolutely right. Hate is a powerful word which should not be used lightly.

A the forefront of everything we do should be love, compassion, understanding, acceptance and kindness. My Mom used to say, “you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar,” and I firmly believe this. Kindness can go so much farther than perhaps we know!

This week, my focus is going to be on being a little kinder, loving a little more, and trying to not say “hate.”

I want to speak love… especially to myself. Here’s to Monday Motivation and to a sweeter life and more positive mindset.

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