Whoopee Cushion hide and seek is, hands down, the best hide and seek game we’ve ever conjured because it’s hilarious.

Whoopee Cushion hide and seek is so simple and it’s a riot.

You simply buy as many whoopee cushion’s as you like and blow them up because, what fun would this be with a flat whoopee cushion.

Then, you would have the kids hide their eyes while you hide them around the yard or house.

Once they are all in place, let all the the children loose at once and listen as the magic, giggles and explosions erupt!

The name of the game is this, the first person to locate a whoopee cushion and sit on it, wins.

You are guaranteed lots of fun, lots of laughs, begging for more and some pretty hilarious pictures.

Now, let the Whoopee Cushion Hide and Seek games BEGIN!!!