Best Easter egg Hunt: The Best Easter egg Hunt Hack.

You guys are going to love this! Make your Easter egg Hunt simple, fun, and tear and stress free!

Easter is approaching fast and we all know what that means, easter egg hunts!

I don’t know about you, but my kids look forward to our annual easter egg hunt almost as much as they look forward to Christmas… almost!

Personally, I love the Easter Holliday for other reasons like that it takes place as we are entering into Spring and what it represents.

But that infamous Easter egg Hunt could possibly something a parent could dread, as it often ends in tantrums and shouts of “It’s not fair.”

However, I have a remedy for you! My parents  started this tradition with our Easter egg hunt years ago, and now we do it with out kids.

It’s a “color coordinated,” Easter egg hunt.

Here’s how it works: As each child approaches their first ever easter egg hunt, they are assigned a color and that is the only color they hunt for! Simple right?


This is also convenient because we can put specific or gender related gifts in each Childs eggs. For example, our girls could get a bracelet or finger nail polish in their egg and boys could get a hot wheels car or a more masculine bracelet.

Now, we do this Easter egg Hunt with my siblings and their kids, so we plan accordingly. Currently, there are 9 children, so we are quickly running out of colors.

Among our colors are the usual blue, green, and pink, but now we’ve added gold, white and gray.

These egg colors are not always easy to find, or sometimes its near impossible so, we do what any handy Mom or Dad would do, we spray paint some eggs.

Another trick is to tie color coded ribbons around eggs or wrap them in tissue paper.

TIP: for gifts that won’t fit in eggs, we wrap them in the tissue paper you’d use with gift bags. An array of colors are usually really easy to find at the Dollar Store.

Now, because we hunt with more that just our little family, we usually coordinate with the other parents and each bring 3 or 4 gifts per kid so 3 or 4 gifts per color/kid.

It really is very simple and alleviates any tears because every child go home with the same amount.

Plus, we’ve seen some great team work going on. When a younger child cant find their assigned color, the older ones will call out “I see a blue one,” or “I see a purple one,” in the general area.

Now, we usually eat lunch right before we hunt. Then, the honorary “bunnies,” or adults hiding eggs, put on our rabbit ears. We have the kids go where they can’t see the “hiding area,” and we hide the eggs.

For the older kids, we hide in harder to find places. For the little’s, we hide them in easy to reach places.

After it’s all said and done and the eggs are gathered, granted we usually always find an egg from the year before, we open them together and it’s so fun to see the excitement.

TIP: if you’re religious, leave one egg for each child empty. We’ve even left just one empty golden egg and the kid who finds it is so excited.

Use this egg to talk about the reason for Easter and the empty tomb that was found after Christ had risen.

Or you can choose to skip this part if you’d rather.

Another TIP: decorate your Childs basket in the colors they are searching for. Use their color grass or adorn the basket with a bow. Not only does this make for cute pictures after, but it helps keep them on track.

I can’t wait for our Easter egg Hunt, and I hope these little tricks help you as well.

Happy Easter egg hunt Everyone!