LEGO SLIME! You read me right… we made Lego Slime! It. Is Awesome! 

Everything is awesome with this LEGO SLIME!

This was a fun one! Easy too! This slime recipe was by far the easiest I’ve tried, and my kids were occupied with this slime for hours and hours and hours and hours….. And it has survived. That’s right, it’s still stretchy, ooey, gooey and gloopy, just as good slime should be.

But I regress. The reason we decided to make LEGO SLIME is because my son has a LEGO/MINE CRAFT (don’t ask) birthday party coming up and we have been exploring party favor ideas.

Kids love Legos… Kids love slime… the idea was born… GOLDEN. Literally and figuratively.

Here is what you’ll need…

  1. Empty baby food jars, labels removed ( I soaked mine in hot water. The labels came right off.)
  2. Permanent marker
  3. Yellow spray paint or yellow acrylic paint if you prefer to hand paint the tops. I used spray paint. Worked like a charm. 
  4. Yellow food coloring
  5. White Elmer’s glue or the like
  6. Saline Solution with Boric Acid. The Boric Acid is a MUST. Read the label to make sure the Saline you’re choosing has it, or you’re slime will resemble a very watery Lego Guy colored puddle.
  7. Baking Soda
  8. Bowl for mixing


First: Make sure your baby food jars have been emptied of their previous contents. Then wash them out and soak them in hot water to remove the label. You could also use small mason jars if you like. I really liked the size of the baby food jar. It was the perfect size for one batch of slime. More on that later

Second: Remove the jar tops. Spray them with the yellow spray paint or paint with acrylic paint. Let dry

Third: Pour one bottle of WHITE glue into a bowl.

Fourth: Sprinkle the glue with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

Fifth: Add 2 drops of food coloring. I found that 2 drops was the perfect amount to exactly match the yellow spray paint. You’ll see that the other jar of slime is slightly darker. In that one, I added 3 drops. Big Difference.

Sixth: Add a few drops of Saline Solution with Boric Acid and mix. If you’re slime remains sticky, continue to add more drops of saline solution until it comes together and easily slides off of your hands.

it is IMPORTANT that you do not add too much saline. If you do, the slime will start to break when stretched.

Just add a few drops at a time and thoroughly mix with your hands. The more you mix, the more in comes together.

Last: Draw your desired Lego face on the baby food jar with a permanent marker.


We hope you enjoy your Lego Head Slime as much as we did! This will make the perfect party favor for my sons party, but in the mean time, my kids continue to stretch, glop, squeeze and jiggle their slime! Sound like fun? Give it a try. The Lego lovers in your home will thank you!

Here’s to a sweet day filled with slimy, gooey fun!