Best 10 Minutes Yoga Routines on YouTube 

A few years ago, I started dabbling in yoga and I have grown to love it! Then about six months ago, I started trying hot yoga, and I’ve even more hooked. 70% of my body pain has gone away and I’m having fewer and fewer headaches. Plus, my posture has really improved and I feel stronger! I’ve also noticed that, on the days I do yoga, my focus and stamina improves! Hence, I’m a big believer in implementing yoga into every day life!

However, I don’t always have time to run to hot yoga or do an hour long yoga video, because life is CRAZY! I’m sure you relate!

For this reason, I’ve been searching out  the best 10 minute yoga routines that I love on YouTube. And here is what I’ve come up with, plus there is a little something for everyone and most of these routines fit for all experience levels! Because I want to make this easy for you guys, I’ve turned the description into the link. That way, you know exactly what you’re clicking on!

I’ve included ten different video’s, because, if you’re like me, having variety is good! Lol.

I hope you enjoy these, what I feel like are some of the best 10 minute yoga routines on YouTube!

Plus, I’d love to hear if you’re into yoga and how it had helped your life!

Have a great and very sweet week!