Diatomaceous Earth: Ultimate list of benefits

Diatomaceous Earth is AMAZING. I use it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Because of it’s many benefits and how much it has benefited mine and my families life, I want to share an ultimate list with you.

Before we get into the list, I’ll mention that it is all natural. This is the one I use and I HIGHLY recommend it!

Here are the ways you can use this amazing mineral in your every day life.

  1. Use is to rid your life of ants. Simply sprinkle it on piles of ants and naturally rid your life of them and If your animals ingest it, it won’t hurt them. In fact, it’s good for them.
  2. Get rid of bed bugs. Diatomaceous Earth, also known as Fossil Shell Flour, is very abrasive. Because of this, it’s breaks down an insects exoskeletal layer and dehydrates them
  3. Kill scorpions. It’s one of the only things that will kill scorpions, which is probably amazing news for you folks in Arizona!
  4. Spider control: dust it around your house to control the spider population entering into your domain. Plus
  5. Deodorant: You can dust Diatomaceous Earth in your under arm areas to help neutralize the odor that may come from that area.
  6. Toothpaste: I’ve heard it’s great to sprinkle over your toothpaste for extra deep cleaning power. Due to it’s abrasive nature it can help remove stains, but be careful no to overdo.
  7. Facial Scrub and Mask: Diatomaceous Earth is very find and makes a gentle and smooth exfoliant. It also contains Silica which is a mineral we all need more of, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium, and phosphorus. When you scrub it on your face, your skin can absorb these nutrients. I like to mix about 1/2 tablespoon with some water and sometimes activated charcoal to make a scrub.
  8. Food Storage: When added to wheat, beans, and barely is can keep these things from spoiling and helps prevent mold. It also protects your food against weevils.
  9. Fleas: This is great for pets. I rub it into my horses and dogs coats and chickens feathers to protect them from all sorts of pests. Their coats have never felt better!
  10. Eat it for your tummy: Diatomaceous Earth/Fossil Shell Flour scrubs your intestines, riding your digestive tract of build up. In turn, you will absorb nutrients.
  11. Ingest it if you have gas: Diatomaceous Earth can help rid your intestines of an overgrowth of bacteria, which is the cause of excessive gas.
  12. Eat it to kill tapeworms: Yes, it will rid your body of tapeworms you might not even know you have.
  13. It can SUPPORT COLLAGEN PRODUCTION: Yes, I had to put that in all bold letter. Ha. Diatomaceous Earth contains a very high dose of Silica, as mentioned above, is a mineral we need and one we don’t get enough of nowadays. Diatomaceous Earth is about 80-90% Silica.
  14. It helps your hair grow: It can increase the strength and thickness of your hair. This is also do to the Silica.
  15. Strengthens nails, teeth and bones: Another side effect of Silica! I’m telling you, this is amazing stuff.
  16. Supports healthy cholesterol levels: Diatomaceous Earth can benefit lipid metabolism.
  17. Improves your joints and ligaments. Again… that Silica!
  18. Great for your animals. It keeps their digestive tracts parasite free and helps to scrub the insides of their intestines, leading to more food and vitamin absorbsion. I’ve seen some amazing things with this while feeding to my horses. They only need about 1/2 of what I use to feed them, they maintain healthy weight levels and their coats look incredible.
  19. Detoxifies your body: Because Diatomaceous Earth is very porous and, it can go through your system and absorb bacteria, viruses, fungi, chemicals… you name it. I’ve personally seen this in my life. If I feel a sickness coming on and I up my dosage, it goes away. It’s been like magic for me and my children. Okay, maybe not magic… but it has totally helped us.
  20. Helps Purify Water: It is actually use in many filtration products because it’s able to filter very fine particles.
  21. Better liver and colon function
  22. It can help you have a stronger immune system
  23. It can help you have improved energy.

From what I’ve read, Diatomaceous Earth appears to be not only save for humans and animals to consume, it’s all natural and recognized as safe!

As I keep learning about this amazing mineral, I’ll keep adding to this list. My absolute favorite brand are found in the links below! They seem to be the most pure I’ve used.


One way that I like to take it is by mixing it right into my smoothies (and my kids… Don’t tell.) If you’re not a smoothie person, you can mix it in juice or even water. When in water, for me, it tastes like the smell of wet concrete.

As it has with my life, I hope this makes your life so much sweeter.