Monday Motivation is brought to us by my five year old!

“Today is the best day.” These words were said by my Newly five year old daughter as we padded down the steps at her Pediatrician’s office.

I know what you’re thinking? The Doctors Office? Really? How could that be the “BEST” day.

Oh, but wait, it get’s better.

10 minutes prior to this comment, we were patiently waiting in the Scooby Doo room for her kindergarten shots. She kept saying, “I’m going to be so brave… I’m going to be brave like Owlette.”

For those parents who have children around the age of 5-7, you probably know of Owlette, and the entire P.J. Masks gang. Thank goodness I had bought her an Owlette stuffed animal as her “brave,” surprise.

She was acting so courageous, giddy even… until the nurse walked in with the shots.

“Come sit up here,” the nurse said, pointing to he crinkle paper on the all too familiar patients bench.

I swear, that paper is like Kryptonite or something. The minute any kid, heck… any adult makes contact with the paper, it’s like every last shred of courage get’s sucked into the table.

Hense the holding my child down and calling in for backup commenced.

Here I am bear hugging my child, trying to breathe some of that courage back into her, while one nurse holds her legs, another holds her feet and another is preparing to poke my child. Let’s just say that I’m pretty certain my daughter isn’t the only one leaving with traumatizing memories.

As she screams that she’s “Changed her mind about being brave and even attending kindergarten,” the nurse administers the shots. My daughter winces, freezes and then says, “Oh, that wasn’t so bad.”

Ten minuters later with dum dum sucker in hand and a Arial sticker on her shirt, she’s bouncing out of the hospital singing, “Today is the best day I’ve ever had!”

Seriously kid! Looking back on my life, my worst days involve shots, dentists chairs, pokes and prods from medical professionals and bandages. What does she know that I don’t?

Later, as I get to thinking, I realize how precious and wonderful her perspective is. She’s right… every day can be our BEST day! It really depends on how we look at it.

There have been day’s I wake up, perhaps with a headache or having that dreaded dentist appointment, and I’ve already begrudgingly decided that it’s going to be a horrible, no good, rotten day! And do you know what, IT IS!

But what if I wake up and, no matter the circumstances, decided that TODAY is going to be my BEST DAY? Does it change anything?

The answer is YES. It really does! I’ve tried it and I’m here to tell you that my days feel a whole lot brighter, sun shinier and sparkling with glitter and rainbows. Okay, maybe not quite that dramatically different. However, I believe mindset is everything!

I dare you to try it for yourself. Believe that TODAY is your BEST DAY! See what happened. I’d love to hear about it.

Here’s a sweeter mindset and life!

Oh and, even though she did have a moment of weakness during her vaccinations, she did get and sleeps with her Owlette “stuffy” every night!

It’s not a bribe people… it’s a reward. Lol.