It’s Monday again, so that means more Monday Motivation!

Today, I want to share a story with you that I recently heard from a friend. It’s a story that really struck a chord with me and it’s about a boy named Christian. Christian is a sweet, loving, young man with Autism. He works at a library and LOVES his job.

Every so often, his grandparents take him out for the day to do some of his favorite things. His dreams and goals in life are:

  1. To visit every library in his home state
  2. To make enough money to buy his four piece chicken nugget meal from McDonalds
  3. To visit every Way-mart in his home state.

The story of Christian really touched me when I heard it. As someone who get’s caught up in some pretty giant dreams and goals and tends to sometimes even rely on those goals for happiness, I was really moved by how simple Christians dreams for his life are.

It made me realize that, sometimes, I need to take a step back and just look around me. There are so many moments of beauty in every day to be grateful for… those shopping trips to Walmart, enjoying a good book, etc…

I’m learning that joy in life isn’t always found at the top of the mountain we’ve worked so hard to climb. And, let’s face it, even at the top we usually find another mountain springing forth out of the one we’ve just scaled.

No, JOY  is found in the little day to day steps also. You can find it in the giggles and smiles. It’s found when little hands wrap their fingers around our thumb.

It’s found in the feint orange and pink glow of the sunrise. It’s found in that whipped cream on top of pancakes and the “POP” of that ice cold can of soda being opened.

JOY is found in the glances that say “I Love you,” and the inside jokes nobody else will understand.

It’s found in freshly washed windows and the smell of pine, ocean, honeysuckle and pumpkin spice.

Those little bits of joy surround our every day!

I don’t know Christian, but I want to thank him for what he’s taught me and for the reminder! The JOY in life is found in the simple, ordinary, day to day moments. Joy is everywhere.