I LOVE using positive affirmations for kids. lOVE IT!

Our kids NEED to know how special, important, wonderful, and valued they are. Usually the behavior a kid exhibits is for attention and if they are use to getting positive attention, we HOPE (fingers crossed) they will act in a positive way. If they usually get negative attention, you’ll find them acting in a negative way.

I’ll be honest… sometimes I’m not sure why my kids act the way they do. I’ll be pouring out positive affection and love like a fire hose, and I still find toilette paper strung across the house like crochet gone wrong. Who knows why.

At the end of the day, if I could have one wish for my kids, It would be that they know they are loved and they are important! Oh… and that they are confident in themselves and abilities! And that they have a life full of joy, prosperity and loved ones! I said three wishes right? Lol.

This is why I love affirmations. I can say them to my children every night, or I can tape them to their bathroom mirror and door, or the most convenient place they can see them regularly.

On a personal and very sorrowful note: They high school my kids will go to one day has had 7 suicides this year. SEVEN. Those are from January to June 2018! Even one is incredibly heartbreaking and I can’t imagine what those parents are going through. And I’m not saying positive affirmations would have been the remedy and I’m sure these kids heard on a daily basis how loved they were/are. Sometimes, we don’t know or understand the reason and I won’t pretend to, but I will pray for these sweet kids and their families.

All I’m saying is that positive affirmations and an outpouring of more self love can’t hurt and if it’s helps, then WHY THE HECK NOT!

When I was a kid, I was bullied constantly, and I think you’ll find that most kids are. But not only are they bullied to their face now, today’s children have to deal with it coming from every avenue. Bullies find them on Facebook, Instagram and twitter and other social media platforms.

My hope is, if I can instill a sense of belonging and importance in my children, that they will be able to battle the bullies and self doubt. By using Affirmations for kids
, I hope I will be able to keep them in a positive mindset and build their “self love.” I KNOW affirmations help! They’ve helped me so much in my life and I’ve seen big changes with my children.

So, I’m trying to make it easy for you by creating easy to use lists that you can read to your children. I hope it helps  add a little sweetness to life!