Record Your Kids Life: 4 unique ways to capture your kids life

I’ll be honest, I’m horrible at writing things down. However, capturing my kids life is so important to me. For this reason, I’ve come up with ways that “journaling” works for me and I hope it works for you too. Hold on tight ladies and gents… Here we go!

4 Unique and memorable ways to capture your kids life.


  1. Private Instagram account:

Each of my kids has a private Instagram account. I don’t allow anyone to follow them and see the pictures I post for them. This way, I’m able to post things just for them and just for future reference. I think this is a GREAT way to save and document their life. Hard Drives Fail. CD’s break. Thumb drives can be easily lost.

Therefore, I post their special moments, the cute and funny things they say, and moments I might forget onto their private Insta account.

How do I do this? Every Sunday I scroll through my phone, find the highlights, come up with cute, funny captions and post them. Each of their accounts are saved to my phone and I can easily log in and log out of each one. It’s SOOOO convenient.

If they say something hilarious, cute or wonderful I know I’ll probably forget I hurry and post it with a picture, because each of them, I swear, have taken some of my brain cells when they were born.

These account go hand in hand with Chatbooks, which leads us seamlessly into idea number 2!

happy kid play superhero , boy power concept

2 Chatbooks:

At first, I wasn’t sure about this one, but I quickly changed my mind when our first books arrived and the sheer glee erupted from my children’s mouths.

Chatbooks are wonderful and so easy to use. You can connect them to each Insta account and every time you post 60 pictures to that account, Chatbooks will print those pictures into a cute, personal, clean designed cute book.

Each book costs $8.00, which I feel is a small price to pay for my children’s priceless memories.

If you want to check out Chatbooks, visit their site here!

It’s easy peasy and wonderfully breezy to set up and use.

3. Video Journal:

I’ll admit it, I’m HORRIBLE at sitting down and writing a journal. However, I’m pretty tech savvy, so video editing is easy for me.

If you’re not great at video editing, NO PROBLEM. There are SO MANY video editing apps which make putting a video together so simple. From their you can easily share it to your own email.

If you own a Mac Computer, which I do, iMovie is simple as pie to use… I’m talkin’ those instant pudding pies.

You can mix it up too, mingling pictures with video clips. My kids LOVE this and Sunday’s are our day to watch family movies.

As far as how to preserve, I do burn them onto DVD’s and onto a hard drive, but I also E-mail them to myself, that way, if ever lost of damaged, I have them in my E-mail.

You should TOTALLY do this! You’re kids will love it and you won’t regret it.

4. Email Accounts:

So I’ve set up private E-mail account for my kids and I love this idea for so many reasons.

The Email account are on my phone and they have no idea they exist.

Just like Instagram, I share video’s, photo’s, memories and moments with their E-mail accounts.

Unlike Instagram, I write them letters. These letters are filled with my love for them, moments I’m proud of them (which is much of the time,) and feelings I have about them and about life I want them to know.

When they turn 16 or 18, I haven’t decided yet, I’ll give them the email and password. They can either choose to keep it and use it at that point and change the password, or they can just hold onto it if they want to read what I’ve written for them.

All in all, I want my children to know how much I love them. If there is every a moment, heaven forbid, that I’m not here to watch them grow, I want them to know how proud I am of them, how amazed I am by their talents and what they’ve meant to me.

I strongly suggest you do this too. It will be unforgettable and wonderful for your children.

If you have anything you do for your kids, let me know! I’d love to hear about it!

Keep life sweet everyone. The sweetest things in life are the people we love!