Warts: get rid of them quickly, naturally and painlessly

So, every so often I become a witch and what I mean by that is, I suddenly develop a wart on one of my fingers or the bottom of my feet.

And. They. HURT!

Warts are the worst. Not to mention, so embarrassing.

Believe me, I’ve tried everything as far as over the counter products go to get rid of them. Not only do some of these products hurt, but they either don’t work, or work so incredibly slow.

But have no fear, a solution is here for those warts!

So, a few years ago I developed a horrible wart on the bottom of my foot. It was excruciating. Add that to my 8 plus hour a day job on my feet and the combination was unbearable

At this time, I’d just discovered essential oils and after some research, also discovered that warts are a virus knows as HPV (human papillomavirus.)

Well, some of these essential oils are anti viral. So I thought to myself, what the heck, I may as well try these oils on my nasty, disgusting, witch like, painful wart.

After some more research… involving my good friend google, I decided on a combination of Frankincense oil and Tea Tree oil! They antiviral, anti fungal, and anti-bacterial. SCORE!

And do you know what! Best! Decision! Ever!

Not only was the oil pain free, it’s all natural and it only took one week to work.

So, when I started developing one on my thumb a few weeks ago, I knew just what to do.

HERE is how you get rid of warts.

Below is a picture of day 1.

I took a few small drops of the oil and put it on a water proof bandaid.

Be careful not to get the oil on any of the sticky area, because it won’t stick if you do.

To be safe, I’d do one small drop of each and then gently put the bandaid on.

Then, I left the bandaid on all day every day for 7 days.

Day 4


Day 7

After 7 days, the wart was GONE! Hurray!!!!

Now, a few of the oils I’ve used are from Doterra and Eden’s Garden and I like both.

To me, it seems like they both equally work, however I do like the smell of Doterra’s a little bit better. But, Eden’s Garden Essential oils are lower in cost.

For that reason, I’ve included both so that you can choose one that suits you! Now, go get rid of those warts.