White Elephants Gift ideas.

Okay, this post is not my usual and it’s all humorous, but our lives are full of humor and we love White Elephant Parties. Good White Elephant Gift Ideas Are a MUST.

New Years eve is fast approaching and for us, that means White Elephant Parties! Yay. These parties are literally my favorite and over the years, the gifts have gotten funnier and funnier and more colorful. Because of my obsession with White Elephant parties and because I love you all so much, I thought I’d make a list of the BEST white elephant gifts ever… some that are tried and true by yours truly and were a HIT. Now, I must warn you… some of our gifts have been a little, well… not G rated. However, we try to keep our parties suitable for families, or at least, suitable enough. Lol.

So, here a list of the best White Elephant Gift Ideas. I hope this helps you and you enjoy this as much I as I do! When it comes to White Elephant Gift Ideas, you can never have enough!

    1. The “harry belly fanny pack.” This one is a AMAZING and HILARIOUS for all ages.

2. This one may be cliche’, but cliche is Okay for a White elephant Party. The “White Elephant Toilette Brush.” You kidding me! the is fabulous. White Elephant Gift Success!


3. Fish and Chips. Simply buy a goldfish and then buy a bag of chips and put them in a bag and TaDa! If you’re really kind buy a fish bowl, some rocks and some food so the attendee who get’s it is fully prepared to care for said fish.

4. The farting animal coloring book is a laugh. Kid especially love this one.


5. The white elephant phone stand. This one is more practical and again, cliche’, but still a lot of fun.


6. Fundies; Hilarious but definitely NOT for the kids, but they may remain oblivious so the choice is yours.


7. Blankeez; the family snuggie. This one is family friendly, inexpensive and totally impractical which is exactly what a white elephant should be


8. The tailgater mullet headband because when is a mullet not funny.


9. The nap sack… need I say more? Hilarious!


10. The inflatable pickle; this one is a winner for the kids and when is a pickle not funny?


11. The feisty unicorn; at first this magical pet apprears to be friendly, but then with a gently squeeze… Grrrr; she becomes fierce!


12. The potty putter; perfect for that avid golfer in your life who can’t seem to even take a potty break. We gave this as a White elephant Gift a few years ago and everyone fought over it.


13. Pet Sweepers; Now, these seem perfectly practically to me, don’t you agree?

14. The “naughty light switch.” Yea, this one needs no explanation.


15. “I Pee in Pools hat.” Kids will love it and adults will love it because, well duh.

16. Butt Face soap. Okay, I don’t know about you but I think this gift is SO useful. I mean, next time you shower do like Joey and think about the last place they washed and the first place you wash.

17. Weener Kleener Soap. Just sound it out and you’ll figure it out. This one may not be appropriate for kids, however we gave it during our White Elephant Party and it was all over their heads. Again, use your own judgement.

18. The “David” apron. Our sister in law gave this one to us and it is the life of every party. My husband even wears it outside while he’s grilling as a joke. I know, I know, we sound like a family right out of National Lampoon Christmas. But you should know that we live on a half acre with very few neighbors, so it’s rarely seen.

19. The Poop Emoji Pillow is sure to get the laughs from both kids and adults alike.

20. The Pile Driver; This is 3 gifts in 1. It’s a remote control car, a comic relief and something to improve your hand eye coordination. Score. One of the Best White elephant Gifts Ever in my book.

21. The squishy poo; what is it about poo that is so funny? Ha.

22. Poopouri; another practical and laugh and White Elephant Gift Worthy.

23. The deluxe unicorn head; I may never look at unicorns the same after seeing this one.

24. Big Mama’s undies. These are just as they sound. We got a pair of these once and signed our name to the array of signatures who had received these before us, unused (I hope.) The rule was that it was a gift that had to be passed on. Don’t think about that one too much.

25. chicken legs socks. Dude, I would wear these every single day because they are AMAZING.

27. The Willy Warmer. Um, I think you can gather what this one does and hey, it’s practical… I guess.

28. The “head’s down” golf tees. Another gift for the avid Golfer in your life. Plus, you can add this to your potty putter for an even bigger impact.

29. The T-Rex T-shirt. This one is a classic and will be loved by all ages.

30. The “Santa clause, that’s what she said.” T-shirt. If you watch the office, this one is sure to kill. Heck, it’s sure to kill even if you don’t. However, it is a little suggestive. Us your best judgement when children are present.

I hope you have enjoyed this hilarious, possible practical and hopefully helpful list. Here’s to your Best White Elephant Gift Exchange ever.

And here’s to the good, sweet and simple life!