Get Gum OUT of hair: How do you do it?

Well, I’ll tell you the best way! And you probably have all you need in your pantry.

The other day, my daughter was walking around our house holding a chunk of her hair… hiding a chunk of her hair. Insert eye roll.

I asked “why are you hiding your hair.”

Her response, “Nothing.”

Of course, as a Mother, we know that “nothing” always means “something.”

After some coaxing she slowly revealed to me the problem… a large piece of gum, stollen from Mom’s gum stash (I admit it… I’m a gum addict) which she proceeded to chew and somehow get tangled in her hair. And I mean TANGLED!

It was hopeless. I thought for sure we’d be pulling the scissors out and giving her a Lloyd Christmas haircut… probably resulting in tears.

Then, I had a thought.

About a week prior, after I had eaten a spoon full of coconut oil, (yes, I eat coconut oil every day. Soooo good for you) I had thrown a piece of gum in my mouth directly following. Because my mouth still had some coconut oil residue, the gum disintegrated in my mouth. Yes, disintegrated into a nasty, stringy mess and then practically melted away.

And then, light bulb!

I went to said pantry, grabbed my large Costco size bin of Coconut oil and started rubbing a large dollop onto the hair.

Within a minute, the gum was beginning to fall apart.

Two minutes later, I had worked all of the gum out of her hair.


My daughter cried tears of happiness. I expressed how FREAKIN’ AMAZING her Mom is, wink wink, and we both proceeded to dance and she made her way to the shower!

So there you have it folks… you’ll never have to cut gum out of hair again, because coconut oil is there to save the day!

Talk about simple, sweet little tricks!