Confidence Building Quotes are my go to every morning.

Let me paint you a little picture which I’m sure many of you can relate to. I’m a Mother of three energizer bunny-like children who pretty much zap my energy every single dang day, (little precious pumpkins) I have a home and farm to run almost single handedly, a husband who works 60 hours or so a week, weekly obligations to my church, two jobs, and volunteer positions at my kids school. Life. Is. CRAZY… as I’m sure yours is too.

Sure, I try my hardest, but some days… Okay, most days I doubt myself. I doubt my capabilities. When I doubt, my performance fails and my dreams begin to wane a bit… never a good thing. My dreams are what keep me going.

And, if I were a betting woman, I’d wager that you feel much like I do… like it seems like we’re being buried alive one grain of sand at a time. Wow, I apologize for my morbidity.

If any of us have one thing in common, I’d bet it’s self doubt; an epidemic among the human race in general.

But, don’t you worry your pretty little mind my fellow “being buried alive,” comrades because I’m handing you a shovel.

You see, I believe that the mind is a powerful thing. Our thoughts are a powerful thing!

Because of this, I like to wake up every day and read some kick A quotes on my Pinterest vision board, which you can learn about here, to get my mind in the right mindset. Simple right? It really is!

However, I’ve made it easy for you. Because I want you to go out every day with your best kick A attitude and KNOW that YOU can conquer every dream that comes your way, I’ve made it easy for you to find some of the BEST CONFIDENCE BUILDING QUOTES… right HERE. Go ahead, pin them as you wish and spread the love.

The best way to achieve anything is to do it together because that’s how the cream rising… together.

Have a quote you’d like me to add? Well, send it my way!