Heal Adrenal Fatigue: The supplement that CHANGED MY LIFE.

No really, it’s changed my life!

So, after three hard pregnancy’s followed by 3 really hard C-sections and then spending most nights for the last 7 years sleep deprived, because of this child or that child, I began to feel… well, a little not myself.

True, after my girls I suffered from mild postpartum depression, (I was sickest with them and therefore completely depleted when they were born) but eventually it passed.

What didn’t pass were my daily headaches, neck and shoulder tension, brain fog and feeling like a real Momma Bear, one who’d love nothing more than to hibernate for months at time, even when I was getting 8+ hours of sleep at night.

In total, here are my symptoms:

  1. Headaches, neck tension and upper back pain
  2. Never feeling fully rested
  3. Anxiety about things I’ve never been anxious about
  4. Craving salty food
  5. Sensitivity to cold to the point where cold physically hurt
  6. Low immune system (I would catch anything my kids would bring home)
  7. Waking up all night for no reason
  8. Brain fog
  9. Body Pain

Trust me, I’d tried everything… Acupuncture, massages, foam rollers, tennis balls, daily yoga, positive thoughts, chiropractic, dietary improvements, (I already eat really healthy) and rolfing: a type of soft tissue manipulation that helps correct body posture and structure. Rolfing helped me the most, but still I wasn’t myself.

It was the Rolfer I was visiting weekly who suggested that I may want to look into adrenal fatigue.

Say What? Never even heard of it. What the “H” was an adrenal? Lol. Can we say clueless!

Well, after much research, via Pinterest and google, I was diagnosed (self diagnosed. Hehe. We’ve all done it) with adrenal fatigue.

I had every symptom and it made total sense. My life has been wonderful… but stressful. Especially when it comes to how my sweet little angels from Heaven came into our lives. Add in the fact that I pass out when I so much as see a drop of blood… those C-sections kicked my emotional, mental and physical trash.

So, after the self diagnosis, I started another bout of googling/pinterest searching. I decided to go with a natural approach, as I usually try to do first.

This is when I came across the amazing supplement that CHANGED MY LIFE. For real… Life = changed.

After a week of taking this supplement once a day, I began to feel my energy return.

Two weeks in: my anxiety is waning and I haven’t had a headache

I’m on week three and even my husband has noticed a change in my attitude, my mood and my energy. Here’s what the pills look like.

So, if you think you may have adrenal fatigue, I highly recommend you try these supplements.They rate really well on Amazon, are pretty inexpensive and all natural!!! Score, score, triple score!

You can find them here!

Other things that may help you, which I also do, are:

Drink lemon water. Vitamin C is critical in the healing process of your adrenals and lemons have a very high dose of vitamin C.

Up your consumption of good fats, like coconut oil, avocado’s an fish oil.

Meditation is also AMAZING. I meditate for 5-10 minutes every morning and do positive self talk.

If you ask my, it’s pretty freakin’ unbelievable what our thoughts can do. I firmly believe that our thoughts are more powerful than we can even imagine.

I also look at my Pinterest Vision Board. You can check it out HERE.

I’ve done lots of vision boards, but this one is the most convenient for me. It’s portable, (on my phone) easy to add to and easy to read every morning. On it, I’ve pinned positive and kick A quotes to get my thoughts on the right track!

If you want some BUTT KICKING quotes, you can use mine! I love sharing. You can find the images HERE and HERE. 

I hope this helps you like it helps me and helps many others!