Neck Pain? This is a GAME CHANGER!

Neck Pain? This is a GAME CHANGER!

For years I’ve struggled with intense neck and shoulder tension.This tension led to daily headaches. DAILY HEADACHES!

I don’t have to tell you how debilitating this has been. Waking up feeling like my head is being crushed in a giant wrench every morning is torture. Some days I’ve felt like crawling into a very dark hole, curling up into a roly poly ball and praying the headache will go away.

Alas, I am a Mother. Doing such a thing is not possible!

I’ve pushed through. Forgetting about the headache is impossible, but I’ve done my best to put on a brave face.

I’ve also tried everything, including acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, yoga, stretching, Ibuprofen, neck massagers, cold packs… you name it I’ve tried it. Some of these have helped, but none quite as much as this device.

This is a head set.

My Momma turned me on to this little beauty… thank you Momma! It connects to my phone via bluetooth. When somebody calls me it vibrates. I listen to podcasts, music, and audio books with it.

When training horses, I use it to listen to calming music, all while keeping it away from the dirt and grime that usually comes with livestock.

It’s easy to wear and I usually forget that it’s sitting gently around my neck.

I charge it every few days. It holds a charge like you won’t believe. Believe me when I say that I use this thing LIKE CRAZY.

As a busy Mom, songwriter, and horse enthusiast/trainer I need my hands. Before my headset, I’d hold my phone on my shoulder with my cheek or chin.

Ya’ll know what I’m talking about and It’s not a pretty position for my neck, spine, shoulders and back. No wonder I’ve been hurting so much.

Even if I were to get one massage per week, if I use my phone like this for even one hour a day this position is sure to undo anything relief the massage therapist gave me. Our repetitive behavior defines us.

When listening to music, I’d keep my phone attached to me via headphones, all while exposing the small, fragile, albeit EXPENSIVE device to all sorts of mayhem.

Not a pretty circumstance for the device I use the most. To be straight up honest, it’s bar far my most used possesion. I’d venture a guess that this rings true for most of you as well… pun intended.

One week after I started wearing my new headset, I noticed a dramatic decrease in headaches.

(In this picture, I’ve tucked the headset into the straps of my sports bra while running. This way it doesn’t bounce around and slap into my color bone. Just a little tip I thought I’d share.)

Two months after wearing the infamous head set, headaches are few and far between and I’m a happier healthier Momma. This one simple addition has changed my life.

My advice to you = invest in a headset. You can find the one I have HERE. 

If this one doesn’t suit you, scroll though Amazon, read the reviews!

Confession: people often assume I am talking to myself. Just the other night I was actually co-writing a song while riding my horses. (Multitask much?) The arena was busy. As I was riding/writing every set of eyes were on me. I’m sure they were wondering if I was talking Finn’s (my horse’s) ear off!

I shared this with my co-writer. He told me to own it, so I did. Hilarious.

If you invest in a headset, you will get strange looks and/or crazy person assumptions. Own it! The benefits are worth it.

Another plus to my headset is that I don’t carry my phone around. In turn, my social media use has gone down, I’m making more productive “better” use of my time and my “text neck” symptoms have decreased. “Text neck,” is when you are constantly looking down at your phone. This causes a strain on your neck and shoulders.

Do you have neck and shoulder pain? Could this be the answer you’ve been looking for? I hope so! If it helps you like it has helped me, then I’m more than thrilled!

Here’s to making life sweeter!