Empowering Quotes: 10 of the best empowering quotes

Quotes, sayings, songs, lyrics… they can all be so powerful! So, why not use that power to our advantage.

There have been a lot of studies on how thoughts can shape our life. If we focus our thoughts toward good things, success, self love, positivity, empowerment, charity, kindness, etc… then our days and entire lives form to those thoughts.


For this reason, I’ve created vision boards with some of my favorite, empowering quotes. One of these vision boards is a Pinterest vision board which you can read all about HERE.

Another one is an collage I’ve created and I use as my desktop background. That way, every time I sit down at my computer I see the goals I’m working toward and the quotes that inspire me!

Not only does it get my excited for the day, (I check my emails and such first thing in the morning) but It allows me to see those goals front and center throughout my day! Cool right?

To make this easy for you, I’ve created 10 of the best empowering quotes so that you can easily pin or paste as you desire.

Bottom line, I want a great life. And I want you to have a great life too. If this will help, then I’m happy! Thoughts are a powerful thing so let’s get them thinking in positive direction!