Out Monday Motivation is brought to you today by Justin and Nike. Or at least, a wonderful story and opportunity brought about by Nike.

A few days ago, while browsing through social media posts, I came across this tear jerking, inspirational and wonderful video.

The video starts rolling automatically in my feed and I see a man running. It’s clear that running is not as easy for him as it is for others, but still he runs.

This Man’s name is Justin an the is a runner at the University of Oregon! And, because of Cerebral Palsy, he’s has to work so hard to do what he loves, which is RUN!

Justin dream is not just to run, but to run fast and he does so by getting a 7 minute mile!

At the end of the race I see him running on this video, something wonderful and amazing happens! Nike offers to sign him!

On his Instagram he writes “You don’t realize how realistic your dreams are, until they play out before your very eyes.”

By the end of the video, I am balling and kicking myself. Why? Because I so often begin to feel like what I have to offer isn’t enough and I feel tempted to give up!

However, Justin has inspired me more than he will probably ever know!

I, myself am a runner. And for the last six years I have been dealing with chronic every day headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and low back pain. I find myself using these “problems,” as an excuse to not enjoy running or push past my limits.

Now Justin’s story will be in my head every time I feel like “throwing in the towel.”

I want to share his story because, if you’re human like me, I bet you fight demons too. Perhaps Justin’s story will help you as well and you won’t be as willing to give up on yourself when things get hard.

We can do hard things, you and I, and we can help each other do hard things.

Life is a constant battle and usually the biggest battles we will ever fight are in our minds.

We got this and I’m here for you! Let’s rise together!

Here are video clips containing Justin’s story and make sure to grab tissues! I hope you watch and feel the fire rise inside you today!


Happy Monday Motivation!