Self Love by Loving Others: Monday Motivation.

Hey all, how are you today? I really hope you are well and that life is treating you fabulous! And who is excited and ready for Thanksgiving?!? I’ll be honest, I used to loathe Thanksgiving… what with the stuffing ourselves until we need to unearth those dreaded maternity pants and then passing out in front of football games!

However, over the years I’ve learned to love it because I’ve tried to change my mindset. Thanksgiving is a time for me to, well, give thanks!

So go on, tell me, what are you thankful for and what blessing have you seen this year?

Alright, enough of that! Now, onto our Monday motivation!

Today, I want to share something that I’ve learned in recent years. Sure, I’ve heard this said many many times, but now I’m seeing it first hand and for myself.

So, I’m a songwriter and I run a chapter of a world wide organization in my hometown for songwriters. I’m going on two years serving in this role (yes, it’s a volunteer position,) and I love it!

I’ve also learned a lot about what it takes to be successful.

Now, the music industry may look like a self serving one, as are many professions, and for many it is!

However, I’ve learned that the ones who rise to success and remain successful have one thing in common!

They make it about EVERYBODY ELSE, the listener, the fans, and the people absorbing their music!

After all, isn’t that why music is made, for the listener? Now, this can be a hard mind set for many to get into. After all, what often drives some artist’s to want to pursue a career in music is the fame. But they soon learn it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be and some become bitter and leave their dreams behind.

However, the ones who rise usually have a few things in common. They’ve made it about the listener, as I’ve stated, and they are insanely GRATEFUL for their “people.”

Those people can be their band, crew, label and so on, but most likely it’s the FANS!

Then, once they’ve made it, many try to turn around and help somebody else up the ladder. Or, as you’ll see happen often with artists and writers, they will all rise together!

Perhaps one person in your “circle,” will catch a break and, if you’ve stayed supportive and been a good friend to that person, they will usually take you up with them. Then maybe, you’ll catch a break and turn around and grab their hand and bring them up with you!

Now, in my own experience I will be honest in saying that I had to LEARN how to not make it about me. At first, it was an act. Then my feelings began to genuinely change and now I LOVE helping others in any way that I can! I’ve also found I LIKE myself so much more when I’m trying to help someone else! Funny how that works huh?

If I can be that person for someone that gives them a leg up and helps them during a hard climb, then I am so grateful!

After all, isn’t this what life is all about? What we can do for each other and how we can enrich each other’s lives?

I’ll tell you what, I’ve found more joy from lifting others up the mountain that I ever have trying climb myself!

Plus, my success in this industry has grown ten fold ever since I changed my mind set.

The best thing we can do in this life, is make a difference in the life of others! I firmly believe this! I love helping people and playing any kind of positive role.

Now, who can you help this week? Who can you help this year or even in your life? And what talents have you been blessed with to do so?

Something to think about I guess. Here’s to Self Love by Loving Others!

Happy Thanksgiving y’all. I’m grateful for you!