Monday Motivation time!

Hey guys, happy Monday? Are you excited for this week? I’m sure trying to be. Ha.

This week, I want to tell you about someone very special to me because She’s my aunt. She just fought her way through six rounds of chemo because of breast cancer.

About six months ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she’s only in her early forties!

After a double mastectomy and recovering from surgery, she underwent six rounds of chemo. This last Tuesday was her last round, where she got to ring the bell with teary eyes because she finished.

My courageous and very thoughtful and probably one of the strongest people I know.

When asking what I can do for her, she says, “I can take a meal to a neighbor who was having knee surgery.” This is how she responds to everyone who asks how they can help and it’s really inspires me.

The morning of her final chemo treatment, friends and family gather in her driveway at five in the morning all dressed in pink and holding signs.

Together, they join her on a morning run in the very chilly winter-like air because they love her!

Three days later after her chemo, I saw my aunt out running again. I asked her how she was feeling and she said, “I have a chemo headache, I feel nauseous and weak, but running get’s me through.”

Guys, I am seriously in awe of her strength and endurance through this hard time.

So here is my thought… if she can be this incredibly ambitious and driven while enduring chemo and breast cancer, then I can make an effort in my every day life!

Here’s to Monday Motivation and breast cancer awareness month. If you know someone struggling with this horrible disease, please send your thoughts, prayers and praise to them as they fight because they deserve it!

And if you’ve endured this fight or lost someone to it, God bless you!